"I see and hear life as a grand improvisation"
- Pauline Oliveros

Unsatisfied with maintaining status quo, Michael DeGiovine moved from New York to China in 2013 to teach music and English. Michael DeGiovine, also known as Mr. D to his students, currently teaches at Meten Preparatory Academy in Chengdu, China, where he has built the school’s music program from the ground up. He received his B.M. in Music Education at Five Towns College and his M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction in ESL at Arizona State University; collegiate distinctions include receiving the 2010 Music Award for Jazz/Commercial Music and being inducted as a member of the Phi Sigma Eta Honor Society.

Aside from being a multi-instrumentalist, Mr. D has also studied classical and Jazz guitar, participating in various master classes with world-renowned guitarists such as Ben Verdery, Fabio Zanon, and Carlos Barbosa Lima. Additionally, Mr. D has extensive experience in playing live music with ensembles ranging from Rock quartets to Jazz big bands. Furthermore, he has composing and recording experience in both a band and solo setting.

Although Mr. D has extensive musical experience, it is teaching that is his true passion. With his 11+ years of teaching experience, Mr. D has been able to share his love for learning with students from all over the world. After all of these years of doing what he loves to do, there is one thing that he continues to live by: “Try and fail, don't fail to try.”


New York State Music Education initial certificate

TEFL Certification

MusonicX: Music Technology Foundations


Buffalo University

Music Education M.A. - 12 Credits


Arizona State University

Curriculum and Instruction (English as a Second Language) M.A.


Five Towns College

Music Education B.M.